Throwback to ManuReSource 2024

5 April 2024 by
Throwback to ManuReSource 2024

On 21 March 2024, the ReNu2Cycle chaired a session at the 2nd day of the international ManuResource Conference.

Wassilina Bugaeva (IZES) introduced the ReNu2Cycle project to the audience, explaining its objective to increase the uptake of recycling derived fertilisers.

During this session, Laura van Scholl (Nutriënten Management Instituut) questioned whether the opening of the Fertilising Product Regulation (FPR) to processed manure as a component for EU fertilising products is a game changer or rather a challenge. Several participants to this session interacted by asking interesting questions. 

Prof. Erik Meers (University of Ghent) closed the session by discussing in detail the legal status of ammonium salts from stripping/scrubbing and its future potential as alternative fertiliser product. This also led to an animated interaction with the audience.

It was nice to see how sharing ideas and discussing innovative approaches in the field of fertilizers and sustainability inspired so many attendees.