Brainstorm session on circular fertilisers

13 March 2024 by
Brainstorm session on circular fertilisers

On 26 February, Inagro (BE) organised an interactive brainstorm session on the use of circular fertilisers. This online session was co-organised by the ReNu2Cycle and FER-PLAY project partners.

Some conclusions:

  • The various sectors agree that circular fertilisers offer opportunities in terms of sustainability, circularity and greater independence from artificial fertilisers.
  • The most important bottlenecks are in the area of legislation (e.g. the unclear policy framework) and practical application (uncertain composition, application techniques, ...), but also the perception (of society, the trade chain, among others) and the financial side (of both producer and user) should not be lost sight of.
  • For future research, we notice that there is certainly a need to focus on the long-term impact, contamination in all areas and the need for standardization and/or quality control.

Contact at Inagro: Inès Verleden (